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Amazing Pebble Garden Paths

Garden paths are important for garden equipment, they add to the mood. Stone paths are a great way to create a natural garden design, and pebbles are a great idea! First, pebbles are easy to find, manipulate and remind of the sea. Second, it’s very easy to make patterns out of it, from vignettes to snakes. The best idea is to put pebbles in concrete: the path would be stable and comfortable for walking. But if you want you can just do some edges and just put pebbles on the earth. It would be unusual and great to walk along. Using pebbles for landscaping in your garden is a very natural idea that has several advantages over other materials. Let’s look at them all to see if they will suit your garden or not.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pebbles are durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. stable for environmental activities; they have splendid decorative properties; can be used in various compositions along with boulders and organic mulch.

The disadvantage is that pebbles can be washed out in heavy rain; It is difficult to remove litter, dead leaves, and weeds. They can be removed while walking, and it is slightly more difficult to walk on pebbles than on paved surfaces.

How to install

Installing small stones in your garden is not a problem: stones are relatively light and are sold in bags by the kilo. Prepare the soil – dig a trench for your future rock garden (5-10 cm), put black polypropylene, make a sand litter and pour water on it. When the sand is dry, you can sprinkle stones on your future rock garden, leaving space for plants. When the stones are installed, you can use a rubber sledgehammer to gently push them against the ground. The only way to clean the pebbles is to sweep them with a brush or to blow away the litter and leaves with the help of special garden tools. Despite all of these facts, pebbles are great for creating bold and catchy designs. Look for ideas below and choose your pebble decor!

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