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Airy White Textural Kitchen

The redesign and expansion of this 1750s building by Reed Watts Architects shifted the focus from a busy street to the front and back, opening up a kitchen and dining room to a secluded back yard. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing space.

The room is airy and so subtly opened to the outside that it seems to merge with it. The walls, floor, and everything else are white, and the powder-gray cabinets and stainless steel appliances make the space more noticeable. The space is made more interesting by various textures: whitewashed wooden beams on the ceiling, white marble countertops, white hexagonal tiles for the backsplash. A white brick wall and whitewashed dining set complete the space, and the entire glass wall can be removed to connect the kitchen to the outside.

Outside, you can also see a terrace with benches to enjoy the sun, an oven and a small console table for cooking food. The owners can make pizza and other things here.

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