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Airy And Cozy Rustic Living Room Designs

The rustic style can be very diverse and interesting and can be combined very well with other styles from minimalist to coastal. This style is suitable not only for country houses, but also for modern apartments, as it makes every room extremely cozy. When decorating a living room, the easiest way to create the basis for such a design is with a cool rustic fireplace that can be decorated with rough stone or even rough wood! Natural hardwood floors and amazingly high ceilings adorned with old wooden beams are the best way to start a rustic space. Then choose furniture and accessories according to your taste and the style you want to combine with rustic. The rustic style can be masculine and feminine, minimalist and shabby chic, the hunter’s retreat style and the seaside – enjoy the gallery below and be amazed at how diverse a rustic living room can be! Check out some more tips for creating a rustic coziness in your living room downstairs.


Wood, stone, brick, leather and dark metal are just the thing to achieve a rustic style in your living room. Think of wooden walls and floors, wooden beams on the ceiling (even if they are imitated) and add cozy wooden furniture. Cover your fireplace with brick or stone and choose stone-clad walls that will give your space the feel of a cabin. Leather furniture together with wood give the living room a textural touch and an ultimate rustic look. If you need to use metal – for the fireplace or anywhere else – choose darkened metal and look a little rusty to continue the decor theme.

Other touches

You can also opt for baskets for storage or wooden boxes that give the room a perfect rustic flair. Get firewood for the room – it can be open to bring out the rustic feel here. Antlers, wooden discs, cozy, fluffy carpets and other things create a nice rustic atmosphere in the room.

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