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Adorable Minimalist Living Room Designs

I continue to spoil you with minimalist eye candy, and today’s recap is about living rooms. A minimal living room is an absolute must for any modern home – such a laconic yet cozy space is perfect for spending time next to a fireplace or receiving guests. Go for white walls to make your living room look much more spacious and airy. Gray and black can be used as a contrast: an accent wall, ceiling or furniture, you can also accent your fireplace with black. If you think the room is boring, play with textures and materials and add some bright accents – red, copper, green, blue, or any other color. Check out the ideas below to find out how to do this in style!

Colors and textures

What are minimalist color schemes? First and foremost, it’s black and white, a classic contrasting color scheme that works for most rooms and can be made more moody or neutral with just a little black. Gray and white is a softer version of classics, and you can add other neutral colors too: beige, creamy white, sand and browns. If you prefer atmospheric rooms, choose graphite gray and black as the base colors to add bright pops of color. Bright accents are suitable for any minimalist room. Don’t think that minimalism is all about monochromatic spaces.

To make your minimalist living room more catchy, add textures: wood, plywood, fluffy carpets, concrete, brick, and leather. Don’t be too heavy with textures: wood and plywood and a faux fur rug will do, a single wall is beautiful, or a concrete console is a cute and bold object.

Furniture and decor

A sofa or love seat is a must for a living room. You can add chairs or armchairs, but they all have a laconic design. Some minimalist coffee tables – an arrangement – are a good idea for your minimalist living room. Loungers and hanging chairs are optional – if you love them, and storage units should be very elegant or even relocated to other rooms.

Add a fireplace for coziness and place firewood next to it. Rock pendant lights or chandeliers to create a mood in the living room and enjoy!

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