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Add Pink To Your Interior

Pink is a tricky color for decorations: some people love it and overuse it, others loathe it and find it too hacky. But I want to assure you: just a little pink in your decor will look chic and gorgeous! Here are some tips on how to add pink to your space in a modern and trendy way to make the interior feel cooler.

A pink accent wall

A wall with pink accents of any shade is a great idea to add color to your home and do so in a stylish way. If you like soft hues, paint the wall dusty pink or blush, and if you want a bold touch, choose a wall in pink or fuchsia. A pink wall can be beautiful for any room – a bedroom, an entrance area, a home office, a living room and not just for girly rooms. For example, you can paint a wall pink paint and it will look amazing for any interior.

Pink furniture

Add a lively and colorful touch to any interior with a pink piece of furniture. It can be a gorgeous pink vanity in the bathroom to create a soft feel. If it’s a girlish bedroom, you can add a pink bedside table or pink faux fur bench at the foot of the bed. A pink velvet sofa is a trendy idea as there is velvet on top, making your living room feel inviting and inviting. A cozy pink velvet chair or armchair can become the basis for a chic and cozy reading corner. A pink or blushing sideboard is a nice addition to an art deco room or a glamorous space.

Pink accessories

Pink can be complemented with textiles: curtains, carpets, pillows, bed linen. Gorgeous pink curtains add a chic touch to your room. Fluffy pink pillows are ideal for making the bed inviting and adding a girly touch to your bedroom. Pink lamps of any kind can be another great idea to add that soft color to your space – table, pendant and wall lights will all be fantastic.

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