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Add Farmhouse Charm To Interior

We have already shared some ideas to make your space more rustic and cozy, which is great for fall. Today I want to continue the theme with farmhouse style. Farmhouse chic is also rustic charm, but a little different – it’s kind of a mix of shabby chic and rustic style. The interiors of the farmhouses are decorated in creamy tones and with stained wood, cozy and very calming. That is exactly what we want in autumn. Now let’s take a look at how you can add such accents to your interior.

Wicker furniture

Wicker furniture is an indispensable part of the interiors of rustic houses and farmhouses, not just outside. Get some cool pieces for your kitchen and dining area: these can be wicker stools for the breakfast room and comfortable chairs for the dining area. You can paint the furniture a gray or creamy color to blend into a neutral interior, and even neutral wicker furniture will add texture to the room. There is a lot of modern wicker furniture in striking shapes, for example armchairs, side tables and benches. They look cool and cozy, but are very chic and modern.

Stained closets

Stained wood is another feature of farmhouse interiors and a perfect idea to make your space cozy and timeless. You can bring different stained wood furniture to different rooms – your home office, your kitchen, your bathroom and other rooms. If you don’t have a suitable piece, you can make it yourself and pick a shade that you like. Stained shelves and countertops, headboards and sideboards, benches and chairs are just the thing to add that cozy farmhouse feel to your home.


Shutters can be used for various decorations and functional home improvement in your home. They add a vintage feel and keep the interior of a farmhouse. Shutters can be wall-mounted and turn into cool farmhouse-inspired decorations or even a headboard for your bed – sand them up a bit to give them a worn look. Shutters can also be turned into benches, chairs, shelves, or even a kitchen island! Paint them pastel or cream, add shelves or a countertop. This is a creative way to add a farmhouse feel to the room while making it eye-catching and interesting.

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