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Acoustic Wall Panels Of Moss

Soundproof homes and public spaces are an important task because of all of the constant chatter, buzz of machines, general movement, and other noises that may arise. There are many options, but today we’re sharing something really unusual with a move into the great outdoors.

Belgian brand Buzzispace took a creative route and proposed an organic approach: preserved reindeer moss as the primary material. It’s also a new take on the living walls trend, but it’s even cooler: moss doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or water.

Green has been shown to increase people’s happiness and wellbeing, and as the name suggests, BuzziMood aims to provide more relaxed environments through its soft, green appearance and fun geometric shapes. The moss from BuzziMood is not only a fresh addition to any office or home, it also naturally absorbs sound, thus contributing to a quieter workplace. The framed wall panels can be arranged in any configuration with seven available geometric shapes. You can also choose between two moss colors, which are arranged in the powder-coated metal frame.

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