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Accents Bring Life To Interiors

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to freshen up the existing space and you don’t have to completely change the decor. An accent or two will easily bring your interior to life and it won’t cost you much. Some of these accents are easy to make yourself so they don’t break the bank. Do you need some ideas? Here you are!


Accent lighting plays a very important role in interior design: it gives the room a different feel and look and makes it more welcoming. Backlighting creates a calming and intimate atmosphere when the ceiling lights are off. What’s great is that you can add backlighting even if all the furniture is LED striped – so easy and so refreshing!

Room divider

With more and more open plans, a room divider is a necessary thing to divide the rooms into zones. But a room divider can also be a good idea to add space and interest to the room, as some of them are very noticeable, bold, and cool. Depending on how your space is set up, you can opt for low and high room dividers made from wood and metal, glass and even macrame. The most functional idea is to use a shelf to separate the rooms. It will also serve as a decor.

Statement plants

Breathe in your space with beautiful houseplants. For example, place a large potted plant in a corner or next to the sofa. It adds color to the decor and becomes a focal point. Also, it filters the air, which is a small detail. Statement plants give the space that connects it to the outdoor area that is so popular today a natural feel.

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