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Abstraction Chair

This is not a chair, it is a masterpiece, a work of art that can also be used for sitting. The Korean designer WoongKi Ryu based elements of this chair on the motifs and colors of the paintings by the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.

The chair is mainly inspired by Kandinsky’s painting Composition VIII, which features graphic shapes and colorful accents. The designer wanted to highlight the chair’s emotions and meaning, which could only be expressed abstractly, and mimick the way Kandinsky used abstraction in his paintings.

Kandinsky rejected the realistic shape and expressed color and shape derived from his emotion. Inspired by these expressive motifs, the physical properties of the chair were represented by abstract ideas inherent in its form rather than its objective function.

The abstraction chair has a wooden seat with a back made of colorful, spreading shapes. The designer used hard maple wood to make the semicircular seat, while the backrest elements are made of powder-coated metal. An armrest-style protrusion is crowned with a solid wooden ball, and the neck rest is made from a wooden disc. Three CNC cut legs each have a different shape: one is in the shape of a frame, one is made of a circular bar, and a third is a solid block set at an angle.

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