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Above Pendant Lamp With An Organic Minimalist Shape

Are you looking for a cool pendant light made from high quality materials? Here it is! Louis Poulsen presents the Above trailer, which resembles a grater in its shape and even reports on the entire production process with a video.

The lamp is made of aluminum with a special spinning technique, so that Above has a liquid and organic form. The silhouette is minimalistically conical and the lamp emits light downwards and slightly upwards, as there is a decorative arch at the top. The shape of the lamp is retained even when the light is switched off, it fits perfectly into a modern and minimalist interior and would also create a Scandinavian room.

The piece is available in four sizes and two colors and is made of high quality materials: the inside is white while the outside is wet painted in different colors so that it looks perfect without any seams. Such a lamp will illuminate a room without dominating, and if you need more light, hang a few and you can create whole groups of above lamps. Above fits into any room, from the entrance to the home office, and its simple, flowing shape goes perfectly with many rooms.

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