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Neon Lights For Home

Neon lights tend to be something you’d expect to see on a grand scale in Las Vegas or some other over the top locale. People have gotten used to the fact that neon belongs outside and it takes a big transformer box to make it work and it sure has an ominous reputation thanks to shop signs and XXX clubs. Brooklyn-based design firm Carnevale Studio downsized the popular design element in size and style to match the interior.

These neon lights are named Group 18 in allusion to the Periodic Table of the Elements in which neon is found, and use 3D modeling to downsize each light and minimize the space of each piece. Each light also contains glass that has been bent over an open flame in a glass studio. The piece is available in different colors and sizes.

Such a light is great for parties or to give your interior a festive feel. Make it modern and bright with this group of 18!

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