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60s Inspired Cocoon Chairs

The mid-century modern style is very popular for home decor today, and you can see more and more beautiful residences in this style. Of course, such a room also requires some modern mid-century furniture, although such furniture is a great idea to add a certain coziness and maybe a colorful touch to any room – not just mid-century modern but also industrial, modern, rustic and many others. Today I’m sharing one of those things, it’s a lounge chair that looks like it’s from the 60s!

The Danish duo Kevin Haviid and Martin Kechayas have created a lounge chair inspired by the 1960s for private and public spaces. The Cocoon Lounge is the result of a fusion between the beauty of rattan fabric and a curved, uniform wood silhouette. The name is clearly visible in the design: it’s a cocoon-style piece that offers some privacy and looks quite bold.

Depending on the color combinations, the chair has an eclectic expression that can range from serious, subdued boho chic to a lively, playful look. Choose the look you like and make a bold statement in your home!

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