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3d Wall Panels And Coverings

Nowadays there are many ways to make your walls very noticeable: create a colorful statement wall, a wall with a different cover, a wall art wall, an oversized photo wall, use eye-catching wallpaper, and of course, panels. Today I want to introduce the coolest and most eye-catching ideas of 3D wall panels because these are perhaps the chicest and boldest, they will refresh and change any room they are used in and they will blow you away!

Geometric 3D wall panels

Most of these panels are geometric panels so there is a wide range to choose from. Squares, circles, triangles, honeycombs and other patterns in all sizes and appearances refresh every room and make it more modern. You can use them anywhere: in your entryway, living room, bedroom, bathroom, nursery, or anywhere else. If it’s a bedroom, the statement wall is usually a headboard. That way, it looks more noticeable. You can also use it to cover the entire room if you’re ready for a look this bold.

3D wall panels are usually only used on one wall to make a statement. The rest remains unchanged. To make it easier to apply, you can use self-adhesive panels. There are options made from different materials, from plastic to natural wood, and you can find eco-friendly 3D panels, such as those made from bamboo pulp, to make your wall green. If a statement with patterns is not enough, choose a striking color for the panels that is very different from the rest of the room. This way you update the look of even the most neutral and quiet room.

Abstract 3D wall panels

Abstract patterns are another popular type, and again, you can use them anywhere from the entrance to the bedroom. This is what interests the room and possibly spices up an ordinary room or turns a minimalist room into a philosophical masterpiece. There are 3D acoustic panels that will also protect you or your neighbors from noise. This is a double function: aesthetic and practical together. If you choose acoustic panels, you may need to cover the entire room with it. So choose the pattern and look carefully, and then choose the furniture too, for a harmonious look. Enjoy more ideas below and get inspired!

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