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3d Printed Pendant Lamps

3D printing is widely used in design and decoration these days, and more and more items are being made this way. Let’s take a look at another piece from 3D printing that is also inspired by nature itself. Isn’t it an interesting combination?

Ruche von Plumen is a lamp made up of several strips that resemble leaf shapes. These stripes alternate in a semi-closed, bulbous shape. From top to bottom a plumen bulb would be barely visible, but from below a gradual opening at the base like that of a blooming flower allows light to escape through the shadow. The design is both beautiful and practical, a number of characteristics that do not always apply to all 3D printed products.

Using 3D printing technology, Plumen can minimize its carbon footprint as the shades can be made to order and printed locally / quickly instead of being printed in bulk and shipped to warehouses worldwide. To promote the importance of sustainability, the Ruche shades are made from biodegradable PLA or recycled material on request.

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